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tv   [untitled]    January 6, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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t good for our health the reality i've sense in this it up been in this town especially for thirty years i've been in the ministry but there's a neglect but open hostility especially the church community and that's impacted in the community not only do we have parking operators tow trucks your we were here some years ago we were talking about sunday metered parking i suggested we were afraid of an assault on the churches the parking control the person who was the director was here and promised that would not happen that invite they were tow trucks and meter people outside of third baptist church, and,
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secondly, every activity we do on sunday whether sunday streets or it's the marathon or whether the bicycle race you do it on sunday and all you do is impact people coming to church and feinstein if you spend money to executor lawbreakers every fourth friday to the bicycle that inputs the entire city and yet you have this hostile air i don't get it. >> thank you, sir. >> (calling names) the last speaker who turned in a speaker card. >> thank you to the committee he my name is deceased can i'm a member of the baptist church here about the double parking first identify i'm a sdabltsd
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veteran i spoke about 6 months ago with the same problem i've had both of my hips replaced because i did the wary have been proud we service in a country that loves god and not to do the good for the citizens if i can't find a place to park at church, i can walk but a lot of us 70 and 80 years old we put god first in our life you take a parking plays and we're tax paying citizens this should trouble you i'm here to bug beg you, we shouldn't have to come back with the same problem we should be able to worship new if there's a place to buy some place other churches can buy to
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be able to park in their cars when they come to worship i hope you understand we're law-abiding citizens and love god and put him first, i serve my country and i find it difficult to climb stairs but i will not stop going to church so, please have a heart and think about what our doing and don't pass a lieu we can't park in front of our churches. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon chairman and board i'm pastor phillip's we're located on page street here in san francisco i'm a native born and raised in the same community in the western edition our church was built in 1909 it's over one hundred-year-old our
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membership is constantly decreasing because of no parking we have parked underneath the freeway we purchased through caltrain and the second parking lot was sold to a developer for housing and the third parking lot was again sold for housing now we're at the situation we need our support in parking please allow is to double park on sunday we have very many senior citizens that are unable to walk two and three blocks to find a place to park we/ tenants to make sure that, please allow us to double park on sunday thank
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon director nolan. >> here today first i'd like to express any sympathies over the psa of director lee very sad to hear that. >> i'm here today to present you with a document actually, two documents a white paper that explains why the city of san francisco can and must get involved in the regulation and enforcement and greater enforcement against violations by companies like uber and lift city's vital interests are at stake here four one safety and protection of the public you've heard about the insurance fraud
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that has become quite observe just recently where the drivers of those companies are concealing their services commercial drivers because otherwise we can't get personal insurance damage to the environment it is incredible and you can imagine tens of thousands of vehicles and representatives of those companies themselves have stated this tens of thousands of vehicles on the streets violations of the maibd and the - so i have one of those for each of you for the city attorney and director reiskin and also a paper by attorney chris dead on arrival dolan of the dolan law firm that analyze the city's right to regulate and
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i hope yours and the city attorney takes a good look at this it's time something be done. >> thank you anyone else want to address the board frail thank you. we look forward to the thoughtful reading of both documents and come back and discussing those director reiskin do you care a respond to those. >> well, this as the matter has not cabin agendized i shouldn't go into much detail all met with the reverend and other representatives of the facilities of the churches in that area about a year ago this past january just a couple of weeks ago i heard back from him the problems we've discussed there were still happening i guess you know, i will certainly follow-up with the enforcement staff the last thing we want to be doing is
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making it for difficult to assess important community institutions i certainly doesn't take this job to make it difficult we'll make sure we seriously investigate any allegations of the any discretionary behavior as we work with the faith community particularly in the western edition and the bayview where this challenge is present to make sure that we can facilitate people getting where they need to be go. >> i am interested in a report back and see how it goes. >> what is the policy i mean what is the policy regarding i mean, i do so i live near delores park i see tons of people doubled parked and not
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ticketed i don't know if there's a policy i understood 0 people could double park i don't know what the official policy is can someone tell me. >> it's complicated but essentially it's 23409s illegal to double park only in limited constrictions like active loading when otherwise not available place to park and provide it's not creating a safety hazard with the city has worked for many years with situations and some of the parking situations such as we've heard about in the western edition they have parking tenants that work with that and if somebody's blocking a driveway the tenant can fascinate the homeowners and assess to that driveway we do
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that on a complaint basis and active enforcement to the extent that parking is not creating a safety problem is something we should be able to work out with the institutions. >> there should be some official guidelines i know that - >> well, i say that the members of the faith community thank you we've heard your concerns and it can them seriously and take action and we'll let you know thank you for your time and thank you for your leadership for the city. >> okay. back to the agenda. >> all right. mr. chair moving back to item 5 communications. >> at this point ladies and gentlemen, we've talked about the distinguished and colleague jerry lee who died on christmas eve he played a role on this board and was up to
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reappointment and brought a prospective to the by his side what our policies how they impact the business community and all of that and he actively involved in so many active causes in san francisco and involved with san francisco giant community foundation and supporting the kids i kids playing ball and the chinese news break all kinds of things and he was an all around good guy and the most colorful dresser he had an italian shirt for all agencies he came on sunday dressed in the giants impartial. >> i'll miss him in policy and governance he did a fantastic job chairing that committee and
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for the gardell chocolate square and he was helpful during the meeting we've sent our condolences to his family and donate to one of his charities it's going to be hard to carry on without him. >> thank you director nolan and probably to the members of his family that will watch this i would he was a gem of a man and set a high bar for all of us where aren't to the service and what he skaks for the city and deemed the three through his work to me he was a just about i can't tell person and brought a
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wonderful broad i couldn't have of everything that came our way and to me he was an inspiration he really was and sorely missed here we will obviously do our best to fill his space but i don't think nobody can sufficiently bring the qualities that he wrought to everything he do i had the privilege of sitting next to him as you did director brinkman and he would also before the meeting would start bring in fine little videos he will be missed to i'm happy to say more at the event on sunday but thank you for bringing this up and giving us the opportunity to share. >> thank you, very much. >> director nolan if jerry were
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hereafter our kind remarks he would say thank you for the excellent report director nolan and over a few insight and offer wisdom he managed to communicate messages a lot to our words but jerry was a professional, pilot treated everyone with respect and in the end that taught us about process and how you get to the best result do exactly that many things this was the great lesson and i look forward to the service and many more memories of him and personally will take a special moment when central subway opens up in the central
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subway project in that part of the community i've talked i talked with director reiskin and we'll remembered when that occasion occurs i pass along any condolences to the family i know from the e-mails they want happy memories and there's a lot of them here so rest in peace jerry. >> i too extend my extreme condolences to the family i will disappointed i didn't get to work with director lee in this capacity and enjoy getting to know him, i knew of his reputation parallel in the city from the san francisco and the chinese-american community it's such a tremor loss i recommend we close our meeting in his memory i know we're supposed to be light hearted but i -
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>> i mean he echo all those things he was and happy guy and a pleasure to talk to before and after the meeting with that balance jerry took his community service so amazing so i'll definitely miss him and wish i had a longer time to work with him but definitely a privilege and honor know it will be a fun time on sundays and definitely miss him. >> director reiskin anything. >> well, i did wear this tie-in his honor specific a giants tie jerry was an amazing individual pretty quiet as folks referred up here he and i used to have lunch periodically and he gave
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me a lot of wisdom since the late 90s as a volunteer and just to hear overtime you'll ask him how's your weekend and it was laced i was up at 5 for this fundraiser or parade just an amazing generous person in giving giving his time to the city he joined as our safe driver awards ceremony and without will preparation or promoting was asked to speak and spoke from the heart that demonstrated his commitment to the agency and the front line employees and it says a lot for the city he'll certainly be missed and hopefully, we'll break out our orange ties to the equivalent but an honor to have the privilege of working with
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him and knowing him and director borden suggestion we'll send a letter to beverly and beverly oftentimes when jerry would come there would be cupcakes all around that was nice so okay. thank you and since jerry lee was the chair of the housing and have governance economy i've asked concerning to be chair of that committee and director rubke as well i said the very next agenda is over time one of jersey favorite i was - thank you, very much. any other communications. >> no, mr. chair item 67 is introduction of new unfinished
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business by board members. >> just two things i wanted to bring up one the tunnel we can't seem to get away from i understand there was another would be today not today a car driving through debuts park i'm sure it's something that is a topic of communication and whatever we can do to prevent those from being disruptive this board will support tire spikes and other things whatever we can do is appreciated and the other one the focus on the 5 portion of vision zero i was so pleased to hear i think was it the richmond district station has a huge success with the focus on the 5 the 5 violations that cars drivers can do to endanger pedestrian it
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would be helpful to have a report trying to yes, ma'am mrs. bradshaw late the success of the district it shows success if we could do that its great we have vision plans and it's going to be hard we can't reengineer every street but encourage our colleagues over at sfpd to enforce those. >> thank you next item. >> item 67 director's report. >> director reiskin. >> good afternoon mr. chair and members of the board and staff and public in jerry's respect i want to ask our transit director john to recognize a group of employees who came to the rescue a month
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ago in the midst of a difficult situation. >> good afternoon. >> ed you may recall on december 16th the evening of the 16 the morning of the 17 we had a substantial storm that called for most of the city to stay home overnight the two gentlemen to my right are part of your overnight signal country sometime after 2 they entered into van ness on the mess listen level of the station walking into knee-deep water that came down from the drain on market street this contains a lot of relazy the trays were filled
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with water they first acted to obviously bail the water out and stabilized the system to have train movements throughout the day and spent the next several hours crying out some rallies that have been around inform quite some time you know how complex a task this is so as a result of the task the light rail ran throughout the city and despite a lot of surface water we provided service to the people they wanted to have us recognize them for their efforts both in proving once again that sometimes here in our system water and electricity can mix so
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- >> (laughter). >> thank you. >> that's generally not advisable. >> we have thirty minutes (laughter). >> thank you for your outstanding work and on behalf of the board of directors i want to thank you. appreciate what you do congratulations and thank you from the board want to say anything? (laughter) (clapping) director reiskin >> thank you, mr. chair a brief two brief items one last week the holidays custom nationally in in lieu of we had a lot of activity working to support people's enjoying new years eve here in san francisco as we have a number of years we joined our transit agencies and offered free rides on new years eve which you authorized from
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3:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and had extra services on our late night services and doubled the frequency that we normally provided and extra subway trains and ran our subway service a couple of hours longer than until 3:00 a.m. and had extra a few other places of service pcos on the street you read about fly wheel offered 10 there's rides and luck's internal revenue free rides outline altogether between the transit and the altercation industry we got a lot of positive feedback with regards to the number of people that were able to move and sometimes it's difficult not to get around particularly later into the evening after the fireworks a
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great job by our transit staff and whole love people that gave up their celebration i'm happy to provide that service for the city and finally, there's as you may have seen if our relief yesterday we announced a pilot of a new smart phone applications that will allow people to purchase and use fairs for riding muni with an app obviously you won't need exact change or find a ticket vending machine we're expecting this to begin in the summer of r7d and the rider will be able to buy a ticket anywhere and my time in addition to using cash particularly for people coming from out of town and users it could be a great alternative to cash or a card they might not
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have to develop this pilot we've been working with a firm and its - they have a mobile ticketing platform that allows the folks to use the tickets you're going their phones and an e customers website with credit cards or debit card or or paypal they'll provide our inspections with enforcement applications to verify the fair and while this is a pilot you may recall not long ago a presentation if clipper and this type of technology the entire region is interested in exploring so this pilot will benefit not only us here at muni but the rest of the region as well as we test out relating new
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technology it's a up and running with the smaller systems elsewhere so initially that will be available for android systems no change in the fair structure and the transfer so again we'll keep you posted we should role that out around summertime and make it easier for people to assess transit that concludes my report. >> we have one person indicated an interest herbert weiner. >> those are for items raised and discussed by the decorator of transportation. >> herbert weiner lloyd i'd like to have the director's report more complete that is i'd like to have statistics and missing buses and breaks down
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accidents, collisions, with cars in the intersection bicyclists collision with pedestrians those should be monthly reports in the interest of the transparent for the benefit of the board and the by the people of the public i've made this request before i'm making it again to start the new year right i think the director owes transparency to the public and especially to the passengers and all consumers of transportation services thank you. >> anyone else want to address the board seeing none. >> to note he as i've previously we provide monthly data with the future plans published on the among other things website that has been doing that for at least a couple of years we're looking to do more detailed data and information out there but that
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information has been there and we welcome my feedback on it. >> sir. >> one commit i welcome the news about the app that's a good development and i suspect you're aware of this not in the immediate future i retain the goal of a cash also fair no one is paipg money at the front of a bus like boarding underground so no slow down i realize that's a long way off i will ask as we roll out this app we're looking at to at some point having a pilot or a line where there's advertising at the stops how you buy our ticket and a some point align with you're not paying with cash there's instructions
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on our app or something like that. >> it's an interesting idea piloting on line we're absolutely looking on lines to eliminating cash other cities have done it london payrolling cash free now one of the supposed drivers moving people off of cash has been differential fairs that's something we contemplate and analyzed this this current budget cycle but unable to myth some of the disproportionate impacts so one of the things i've passed with my staff looking towards doing that and making clipper locations available across the city making sure we're addressing some of the impacts so we might be able to in the next b


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